Bachelor of Dental Surgery -  years one and two
Year One covers aspects of normal structure, function and behaviour and the scientific basis of these. It also focuses on dental health, prevention of dental disease and the underlying principles of personal and professional development. You will be introduced to the Simulated Dental Learning environment (SDLE) and the clinical environment to treat patients at an early stage.

You'll gain insight into the importance of team working in dentistry as you work as a dental nurse with senior students in the clinic. By the end of Year 1 you will be familiar and comfortable with the Clinical and Simulated Dental Environments.

In Year Two, you build on your foundations by dealing with common dental problems, as well as disease mechanisms being considered in much greater depth. In term one, training intensifies in the SDLE and in clinic, where you will be able to develop your communication skills under the close supervision of dental practitioners, bringing to life the experience, and skills, gained in the SDLE.

In a typical week you may be expected to attend: 

  • Six ‘theatre events’ known as plenaries, where you will meet experts in various fields
  • Two days clinical work in a healthcare setting in the community 
  • Two structured enquiry-based learning sessions
  • Workshops and simulated dental experiences
  • Three interactive life sciences practical sessions studying biomedical sciences
You will also be expected to undertake additional clinical skills training which may involve anything from basic life support to ‘Intra-muscular injection’ 
in the Clinical Skills Resource Centre.

Clinical Practice Experience

As you progress through your degree programme your clinical exposure will increase. Extensive exposure to patients, who will display a variety of oral diseases, as well as systemic conditions, will underpin the development of your clinical skills. This experience will develop your ability to think and perform safely in the clinical environment.

You will:

  • Experience oral healthcare as it is delivered in primary care general practice
  • Learn from patients about the breadth of diseases and health problems in a community, and the effect of social, and environmental factors on oral disease
  • Understand through experience the wide ranging impact and importance of the dental team
  • Learn alongside, and from, experts in the healthcare community including doctors, nurses, social workers, hygienists, therapists, technicians, and other healthcare professionals