Simulated Dental Learning Environment (SDLE)

The Simulated Dental Learning Environment (SDLE) is a purpose built suite of 50 dental chairs that allows you to learn how to deliver dental treatment in closely supervised simulated clinical surroundings. SDLE is situated within the main Plymouth campus but we also have 2 similar facilities within our dental clinics in Exeter and Truro. Each pod in the SDLE is an identical replica of a dental surgery with a 'Phantom Head' on which you can practise techniques.

Simulation-based dental teaching is at the forefront of our teaching for Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) students and Dental Hygiene and Therapy (DTH) students. SDLE sessions are scheduled regularly during years 1,2 and 3 in BDS teaching and years 1 and 2 for DTH students. This amount of hands-on experience leaves our students best prepared for working with real patients at our clinical dental education facilities in Plymouth, Exeter and Truro. Once you have achieved competence and confidence through practical assessments in the different aspects of clinical dentistry, you undertake these tasks in the clinics under the supervision of highly experienced general dental practitioners.

Throughout the rest of the course, you return to the Simulated Dental Learning Environment to further develop new and more complex skills which can then be transferred to your patients in clinic.


  • Developing diagnostic skills
  • Simulating patient examinations for adults and children
  • Performing a variety of practical procedures including Tooth Extraction, Restorations, Endodontics and Oral Surgery
  • Best practice cross infection protocols to facilitate an authentic clinical experience
  • High quality teaching resources to create simulations that are as realistic as possible