Pastoral tutors

We're committed to guiding and supporting all our students and want you to get the very best out of your time at college. Each location has a Pastoral Tutor team appointed from our staff, who are trained to assist you with all sorts of issues.

We provide student welfare support and counselling services, including pastoral and spiritual support (chaplaincy) and child healthcare facilities. We know that students can come up against difficulties which may interfere with their progress. Problems may relate to things such as study, relationships, family worries, financial difficulty, emotional and mental health issues - whatever the problem the Pastoral Tutor team is on hand to provide you with support, advice and guidance. The tutor won't be able to solve your problems but will be able to offer suggestions and 'sign posting' to the most appropriate agency for help.

We want to help all our students succeed during their studies and our support and guidance is completely confidential.