Medicine, dentistry and dental therapy and hygiene programmes

Prior to receiving an offer to study on one of our clinical programmes you will be invited to attend an interview.

The interview attempts to identify whether a candidate has the personal attributes required to become a doctor, dentist or dental care professional of tomorrow. We place great value on the following qualities and we are looking for you to demonstrate these at your interview: 

  • integrity
  • veracity and honesty
  • flexibility
  • motivation and commitment
  • empathy and being non-judgmental
  • communication skills
  • potential for leadership
  • insight into the roles and responsibilities of a doctor, dentist, dental care professional or healthcare scientist
  • ability to be a team player
  • ability to deal with stress appropriately
  • problem solving skills
  • students who know their limitations, their strengths and weaknesses
  • reflectiveness
  • students who demonstrate a suitable approach to life and people.

The interviews follow a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) structure. You will be assessed across seven single assessor stations. The interview will take approximately 50 minutes. It is not a test of medical or scientific knowledge, but aims to explore your attitudes, outlook and way of thinking. 

The interview assessors are made up of clinicians, the public and patients. The interview process is patient and public inclusive. We expect students to demonstrate the values set out in the NHS constitution including: working together for patients, respect and dignity, commitment to quality of care, compassion and improving lives. The full list of values can viewed at the website.


Typically, feedback will only provide the numerical score from the interview and the position of this score in the overall ranking. Feedback is only given directly to unsuccessful applicants who request it in writing by email or letter. Please contact the Schools’ Admissions Team should you wish to receive feedback on your application at