Bachelor of Dental Surgery - features
The curriculum is based on an Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) approach using clinical cases to introduce students to the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become first-class dentists.

You will be prepared for your future role as a healthcare professional. You will become skilled at communicating with patients and colleagues, work well in a team, have the ability to make decisions, lead when appropriate and be effective under pressure.

You will be well-prepared to approach clinical problems holistically, appreciating personal and social dimensions as well as the biomedical basis of oral disease.

The primary aim of the School is to ensure you are able to perform your future clinical roles with confidence and competence, and have a sound foundation of scientific enquiry from which to engage in a lifetime of learning.


  • You learn from other students’ experiences
  • You further increase your knowledge
  • You learn about dentistry in a clinical context 


  • Independent research and study
  • Meet 6 times a fortnight to pool information
  • Report back individual findings to the group