Stepping stones to a career in illustration

Freelance illustrator Sam Rennocks tells how the course prepared him for his first professional job.

“Throughout the three years we had loads of current practising illustrators come in and talk to us about their careers, so I got to know about lots of the different ways you could have a career, I just had to figure out what would be best for me. Tutors were always willing to answer any questions I had about illustration as a career as well as giving me their opinions of what I could do, or where I could get work and also gave me projects to complete that allowed me to experience different aspects of the job. 

The tutors were brilliant, really encouraging, yet firm enough to keep my work in perspective and the social environment was great. The facilities were amazing, especially the print studios in the Scott Building, where all of the staff are very helpful and open to ideas. The only real downside was that it all went so quickly! 

I contributed to The Bridge Creative Agency’s blog too. I also had a piece of work showing in the Cheltenham Illustration Awards in 2012.”

Sam was interviewed in June 2012.