Practice makes perfect

Joseph Lyward tells us how his hard work and dedication is helping him reach his dream of working in children’s books.

“Being dedicated to the coursework and spending so much time working, drawing and developing has moved my work on leaps and bounds. Going from simply drawing, to being aware of what I like stylistically and facilitating my work in such a way. 

The teaching and research exposes you to so much that, as long as you put effort into it, you acquire a lot more knowledge about illustration as a discipline. As well as giving you the confidence to attempt a career in illustration, it also prepares you in a very literal way, providing set modules in which you research the business end of illustration from costing and paying taxes, to reaching out and contacting potential clients. 

The course gives you three years of intensive practising and developing. Surrounded by likeminded individuals, it creates an environment that’s encouraging, educational and fun. Rather than entering to the business cold turkey, you can enter it confidently. 

My main achievement since graduating is having two massive murals including some of my own work, which I also acted as art director for, printed and put up by Plymouth City Council. My hope for the future is to contribute some of my own work and stories to the exciting world of children's books.

You can see my work on the mural mentioned which is in the windows of the old Woolworths building in Plymouth city centre. Or I have prints for sale on the San Francisco based gallery/website Little Paper Planes. Or visit my website.”