Play hard, work harder

Rae Wetherill reflects on her first year studying BA (Hons) Illustration

“I didn't want to miss anything in my first year and I tended to come in early and stay all day. I wanted to be the best I could and this meant applying myself by working hard. 

Be open to everything. The course is really wide and you get to try lots of new things, so don't get too hung up on trying to find your individual groove. 

It's a great working environment. Everyone working together makes it a sociable space and we've had lots of fun times in the studio. The nature of the course and the way we worked meant that as a group we formed quite a close mesh. We all worked in the studio for hours at a time, so we really got to know each other. 

Over the year I amassed a large number of photos that told a story of everything from good times in the studio, to nights out and the field trip to Venice and Bologna. I thought it would be good to put them all together and make a video of my first year. You can view my 'First Year in Two Minutes' video on my blog or on YouTube.”

Rae was interviewed in September 2010