International exchange

Study abroad exchange: Joshua Bainbridge

"To put it simply my study abroad exchange was the best decision I’ve ever made. When I decided to apply I was so nervous that I was making a mistake. I was so wrong. The experiences I had were life-changing. I made friends with amazing people and experienced new things I’d never had the opportunity to do. You’re taken out of your comfort zone and placed into something unknown but it truly is worth it. I met people from other cultures around the world I’d previously never have had the chance to meet. It gave me so much more confidence in myself and I would encourage anybody to go on a study abroad."

Joshua and friends, Ari from Boston and Sam, another study abroad student from Dortmund, Germany at the New England Patriots NFL game versus the Detroit Lions, November 2014

Study abroad exchange: Daniel Ridholls

"For my student exchange, I attended Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia for a semester, between January and May. There were many reasons I was interested in taking part in the study abroad programme, such as the opportunity to experience and immerse myself in a new culture and society. I was excited by the prospect of moving out of my comfort zone and fully embracing the American college lifestyle. Additionally, this was a chance to meet new people from all over the world, as part of the international programme, and broaden my understanding of different cultures and people."

Daniel Ridholls attended attended Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia for his student exchange while studying BA (Hons) History.