Opportunities and experiences for history students

As part of your studies, we offer a variety of benefits that will enhance your student experience, and promote active engagement with history and heritage teaching and learning.

Field trips

  • * Each year Plymouth History students participate in local/day, national and international field trips which are free or subsidised for all students
  • @ Boat trip on Plymouth Sound; Bere Ferrers; Saltram House; Buckland Abbey; Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
  • < Four day residential field trip to London for all first-year students that includes a number of important historical sites and archives with behind-the-scenes tours and access
  • ' Five day residential field trip available to second and third-year students that includes a major European city with links to our modules. Recent visits include Berlin, Krakow and Vienna

Roosevelt Institute for American Studies

Third year history students have the opportunity to travel on a funded scholarship to the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies in Middelburg (Netherlands) and undertake research for their final year dissertations. We are the only British university to offer scholarships for undergraduate students to this institute. 

“My experience at the Roosevelt Institute was both rewarding and really enjoyable. I got the opportunity to look at archival sources on John Collier and the New Deal for Native Americans.” Anita Tafirenyika, third year BA (Hons) History student

Anita Tafirenyika

History Filmmakers

Every autumn, our second year history students undertake training in the skills and theories of making historical documentaries. In small groups they then make a historical documentary on a topic that interests them.

These topics range from local histories such as the Blitz in Plymouth, the Mayflower in 1620 and Plymouth Gin to wider historical concerns such as the NHS, the assassination of JFK and the suffrage movement.

Watch the videos produced by our students in 2018

Volunteering and internship opportunities

  • ' Many of our students have taken advantage of the opportunity to work in local history and heritage sites

Histories of the Unexpected

In the summer of 2018, Professor James Daybell and the television presenter and historian Dr Sam Willis offered over 16 internships to University of Plymouth history students.

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The hidden history of Powderham Castle

In our recent alumni magazine, Invenite, we interviewed Professor James Daybell and Professor Daniel Maudlin about their work at Powderham Castle.

Room by room, page by page; line by line, the layers of history begin to peel away and give up their secrets. With every receipt, love letter and lock of hair, the evidence builds in forensic fashion; how the medieval stronghold that was Powderham Castle became the Georgian country residence, and a stage for William ‘Kitty’ Courtenay to marry off his 13 sisters.

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Book bundles

  • b All first, second and third-year history students receive their core texts each year (at no additional cost) – currently 16 books