First year students out and about

Visiting Dartmouth and the Britannia Royal Navy College

As part of our innovative Re-Making History module first year students have been out and about in recent weeks doing field work and research at various historical sites and archives in the South West. 

Building on the successful research undertaken by previous Plymouth History students at Britannia Royal Navy College at Dartmouth the first year visited in January. Some of the projects students are undertaking letters from a naval prisoner of war and journals kept by trainee officers during World War II.

<p>View of Dartmouth taken on a first year BA (Hons) History trip.</p>
View of Dartmouth
<p>First year history students visit&nbsp;Britannia Royal Navy College, Dartmouth.</p>
Britannia Royal Navy College
<p>Supposedly the longest corridor in Western Europe, taken at Britannia Royal Navy College, Dartmouth, on a first year History trip.</p>
Supposedly the longest corridor in Western Europe!