History publication round up

There have been quite a few publications by History staff in the last few months – we have everything ranging from oral history of sport to Georgian inns to naval history
Here are some of the recent highlights:

  • ·Adams, Carly and Aoki, Darren J., ‘‘Hey, Why Don't We Have a Bonspiel?’ Narrating Postwar Japanese Canadian Experiences in Southern Alberta through Oral Histories of Curling', The International Journal of the History of Sport, 37 (2020), pp. 1715-33
  • Beck, Catherine, ‘Patronage and insanity: tolerance, reputation and mental disorder in the British navy 1740–1820’, Historical Research, 94 (2021), pp. 73-95
  • Bennett, G. H., ‘Managed Decline in an Age of Multipolarity: The Case of the Royal Navy in the Interwar Period’ in Paul Kennedy and Evan Wilson (eds), Navies in Multipolar Worlds: From the Age of Sail to the Present (Routledge, 2021), ch. 8
  • Daybell, James, Heyam, Kit, Norrhem, Svante & Severinsson, Emma, ‘Gendering Objects at the V&A and Vasa Museums’ Museum International, 72 (2020), pp. 106-117
  • Gregory, James, The Royal Throne of mercy and British Culture in the Victorian Age (Bloomsbury, 2020)
  • Halewood, Louis, ‘‘Peace throughout the oceans and seas of the world’: British maritime strategic thought and world order, 1892–1919’, Historical Research, 69 (2021)
  • Huggins, Lucy, ‘‘I’ll Vamp it and Tip you the Cole.’ Poverty, Pawning and Prosecutions in London. Evidence from the Old Bailey, 1750–1799’, London Journal (2021), pp. 1-16
  • Loughlin, Eleanor, Syska, Alicja, Sedghi, Gita. and Howell-Richardson, Christina,“On peer reviewing: how to nourish an author’s mind and win a JLDHE editor’s heart”, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education 19 (220)
  • Maudlin, Daniel, Inns and Elite Mobility In Late Georgian Britain, Past and Present, 247 (2020), pp. 37-76
  • Murphy, Elaine, ‘A water bawdy house’: women and the navy in the British Civil Wars’ in Richard J. Blakemore and James Davey (eds), The Maritime World of Early Modern Britain (Amsterdam University Press, 2020), ch. 7