BA (Hons) English with Publishing - specialist modules

Specialist modules for this course will include:


PUBL101 The Business of Publishing

An introduction to all aspects of publishing and the publishing industry: the breadth of products and platforms including books, magazines, journals – analogue and digital. An introduction to careers in the industry across all genres, including editing, design, marketing within an international environment.

PUBL102 Publishing: Design and Production

This module considers how the appropriate use of typeface and image can be used to interpret, present and promote a publication. It will also explore principles such as structure, layout, hierarchy, pace and typographic detailing that are required to achieve a coherent and readable publication. Students will also be given an introduction to relevant image and page formatting software.


ENGL253 Writing, printing and reading: technologies of knowledge, the self and society

The module will provide an introduction to some of the key concepts in publishing history. It will look at the ways that knowledge has been captured, stored, retrieved, disseminated, policed and suppressed. It will consider how the development of different writing and printing technologies changed the understanding of the self and the self in relation to the world. It will discuss the creation, production, publication, distribution and reception of texts within their cultural, economic and technological contexts.

ENGL244 Working with Literature

While remaining focused on the discipline of English and Creative Writing as appropriate, this module will provide students with the opportunity to apply their literary and creative skills in a ‘work-facing’ environment.  Publishing students may gain work experience in the publishing industry or devise a publishing project of their choice


PUBL301 Publishing and its Markets: The Proposal

Across this module and PUBL302 you will devise or commission a publishing proposal, drawing on work undertaken on your English or creative writing modules if you wish,  present it, and identify all stages of a small-scale project across a variety of analogue and digital publishing platforms. You will work individually and as part of a publishing team.

PUBL302 Publishing and its Markets: The Project

On this module you will carry through your proposal to publication.  You will study Publishing as a business operating in an international marketplace and learn to engage effectively with the different stages of the publishing process.  You will study modes of production and distribution according to the end consumer by deploying appropriate digital and analogue skills in partnership with the in-house University Press.