BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Practice – audition guidance

Please note all applicant interviews/auditions will now take place by Skype or Zoom. If you have already booked an interview or audition with us, please be assured we will be in contact to offer an alternative arrangement. Our Admissions Team is here to support you and answer any questions you may have. You can give us a call on +44 (0)1752 585858 or drop us an email at

As part of the entry criteria for this course you’ll be required to attend an audition, where you’ll get the opportunity to meet the lecturers, learn more about the course and visit our facilities.

Audition preparation

To make sure you’re ready for the audition you’ll need to choose one of the following paragraphs and commit it to memory:

They pointed to empty holes in the sky and waited. Sometimes all the balloons lit up at once and produced the nighty umbrella effect over the town beneath, whose buildings were filling with the sadness of February.
“Nights like this will soon die”, Selah whispered in my ear.
Days became cooler, clouds thickened. We sat on the hill. We watched the flames inside the balloons heat the fabric to neon colours.


I wore a black suit and a white shirt, a black tie and black shoes, all polished and shiny: clothes that normally would make me feel uncomfortable, as if I were in a stolen uniform, or pretending to be an adult. Today they gave me comfort, of a kind. I was wearing the right clothes for a hard day.

I had done my duty in the morning, spoken the words I was meant to speak, and I meant them as I spoke them, and then, when the service was done, I got in my car and I drove, randomly, without a plan, with an hour or so to kill before I met more people I had not seen for years and shook more hands and drank too many cups of tea from the best china.

The audition

This is a 15-minute audition via Skype or Zoom and will be conducted by a member of staff from our theatre and performance team. 

Each candidate will be asked the same set of questions and this is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you might have. 

There will be three possible outcomes of your audition process and you will be notified of the outcome within one week of your audition.

1. Based on demonstration of exceptional aptitude in relation to the entry requirements, we will be able to offer you an unconditional place 

2. Based on demonstration of very good aptitude in relation to the entry requirements you will be offered a conditional offer

3. Based on demonstration of very limited aptitude in relation to the entry requirements you will not be offered a place on BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Practice. On the day of your audition one of our student ambassadors will give you a tour of The House and our other dedicated spaces. 

Further details about our new Performing Arts Centre, The House.