BA (Hons) Directing – audition guidance and preparation

Interview/audition information

In addition to the necessary University guidelines for applying, each applicant to the BA (Hons) Directing course will need to complete an interview (either in person or via Skype) and one of the following tasks:

1. Directing portfolio (submitted online): The first task you can choose to do in addition to your interview is submit a directing portfolio. If you have been in the directing business a while, you most likely have built up a directing portfolio that includes a directing CV, photographs/videos of your directing work, as well as a directing statement. Please keep in mind that, if you choose to do this task, you must include a CV, stills or video of your directing work, and a directing statement.

Please submit your portfolio to

2. Director’s idea book (submitted online): The second task is designed for those who do not have as much directing experience. You can choose to submit a directing ‘idea book’ for a certain play of your choosing. This idea book should include your vision for the play and images that inspire the production's design. The book should be in depth – what do you see? How does it look onstage? How do the characters look? Where do you take inspiration from? What does this play say to you? In this book, you should embed your directing statement. Approximately seven to ten pages (but can be longer if necessary).

3. Director’s pitch presentation (in person): The third task that you can choose to complete is done completely in person – but does require preparatory work. When you come for your in-person interview, you will do the above task (an ‘idea book’), but in person. Essentially, you are ‘pitching’ your play with your ideas about what you see on stage, design elements, and what your message for the play is. Again, the choice of play is completely up to you. The presentation should be 10–15 minutes in length.