BA (Hons) Dance - career opportunities and professional development


Benefit from our consistent focus on skills and employability and professional development during the course, giving you opportunities to plan and prepare for the next career step after your degree. Our students go into careers as performers, choreographers, dance therapists, arts administrators, community dance artists, producers and project managers working in dance and theatre organisations.

You can also choose to pursue further study, doing a masters, or MPhil/PhD that could lead to becoming a researcher or lecturer. Some of our graduates become dance teachers, either freelance, or by doing the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in order to teach in primary or secondary schools.

Employers value the abilities and skills you develop during the course, including:

  • creativity
  • initiative
  • team work and collaboration
  • realisation of a project from its inception to the finished performance.

Industry links

Make use of the close links we have fostered with leading dance organisations and professional artists while you’re with us, and gain extra experience that will open up your career prospects.

Develop relationships with potential employers and dance organisations as you progress through your degree that will prove invaluable when you apply for internships, part-time and freelance workshop and teaching opportunities, project and performance work with dance companies, and other relevant work in arts management and funding.

Work-based learning and professional development

Create a strong career portfolio with work-based learning and professional development opportunities that will boost your skills and expertise, and enhance your employability. Our students have: