BA (Hons) Dance – audition guidance and preparation

Once you’ve applied for the course you’ll be contacted by our admissions staff, offering you a choice of different audition dates. These dates will be between 12 November and 31 May.

The day will consist of:

  • a tour of our dedicated studios and the new performing arts centre, The House
  • presentation of your solo performance piece.

The audition

Diversity and Accessibility are really important to us and so we audition and interview all of our candidates, UK-based and international in a way that works for you and for FREE.

There are two options available to you:

1. Candidates can choose to come to one of our audition and interview days at our fully accessible studios and theatres and perform a two to three minute solo choreography.

This can be performed with or without music, the music track should be on your phone or iPad. A student ambassador will assist you on the day.

Following your solo performance, you will be required to attend a 20 – 30 minute interview conducted by a member of our dance staff.

2. Or, if you have specific mobility requirements, if the costs of travel are prohibitive for you, if you work full time or if you live abroad, you can choose to hold your 20 – 30 minute interview via Skype conducted by a member of our dance staff. The online Skype interview for candidates is conducted in exactly the same way for those attending their interview in person.

If you choose this option we will also ask you to send us a video link (we suggest vimeo link and password protected) of your recorded performance of the two to three minute solo choreography. This video link should be sent three working days prior to your interview date to This option allows us to reach out to talented applicants who are not in a position to travel.

Whether you come onsite to audition/ interview or whether you interview/audition online you will have the same welcoming and inclusive experience.

Further details:

Your two to three minute solo performance:

Please prepare a two to three minutes (maximum of three minutes) contemporary dance solo of your own choreography. This can be performed with or without music, and if attending your audition onsite, the music track should be on your phone or iPad. One of our dance student ambassadors will assist you on the day.


  • Please wear dance clothing you feel comfortable in and dance in bare feet unless there is a medical problem and then just let us know.
  • Breathe and remember not to rush so you can complete each movement to reach its full expression.
  • Don’t position yourself too close to your audience at the start of your piece, there will be time beforehand for you to rehearse and consider the full use of the performance space.
  • Consider how you engage your audience, for as well as observing your potential as a skilled dancer, we are very interested in you, your creativity and individual qualities. Performance is about communication and dance can be uplifting and moving to watch.
  • Choose your music carefully, music with a relentless beat and songs with words, which have no direct connection to the content of the piece can dominate and detract from your performance and your original intention.

Your interview:

This is a 20 - 30 minute interview conducted by a member of our dance staff. Each candidate will be asked the same set of interview questions and this is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you might have at the end of the interview.

Please come prepared to talk about ….

  • Your passion for dance and career aspirations.
  • Why you are interested in this dance degree and what it offers.
  • A contemporary dance piece that has inspired you and why.
  • What role can dance and movement play in our lives.
  • The practical skills and understanding you think are important for a dancer pursuing a dance career today.
  • What you will bring to our working environment at Plymouth Conservatoire.