Study abroad with BA Art History

We offer a range of opportunities to study overseas during your course. We are one of nine UK members of the International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP), a network of over 300 colleges and universities in 50 countries, and we have direct exchanges with six American universities. You can also study abroad through the Erasmus scheme, in Europe (France, Germany, and the Netherlands).

Alice French travelled to the University of Utah as an art history exchange student in 2013. As well as taking traditional art history courses from the visual culture of medieval Europe and the art and architecture of the Southern Baroque, to modern art 1945-1975, Alice took extra-curricular classes in nature photography in national parks, watercolour painting and even snowboarding. Alice is now spending the year after graduation travelling in Australia. 

"The exchange year is a great opportunity to meet new people and make life-long friends as well as to travel and build independence. In Utah I experienced four seasons in a day, from 20 degree heat to it snowing buckets! A stunning experience." Alice French

Arts and Humanities exchanges

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business prides itself on a collaborative approach, whether in tutorial, seminars, or our unique studio environments.

Professor Dafydd Moore, Dean

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