Andre Reid and Amahra Spence
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Who: Andre Reid from Kiondo and Amahra Spence from MAIA
Topic: Discourses talk, community-led design and social justice.
When: 22 April 2021, 18:00
Where: Live on Zoom, meeting ID: 256 679 0732, link.

As part of a joint event between the Discourses and PARCS guest lecture series, Andre Reid from Kiondo and Amahra Spence from MAIA are doing a talk on community-led design and social justice on Thursday 22 April at 18:00. Please come along for an interesting talk about resilient and equitable place-making.

KIONDO biography:

KIONDO is a black-led design-research studio based in Walsall. Their mission is to thread everyday people into the design processes which shape the way we live. KIONDO do this so that we, ‘the people’, may lead in the design decisions shaping our future lifestyles, cultures and environments.

KIONDO has three work strands: Research, Design and Education.

KIONDO produces programmes, workshops and events to foster greater community sustainability and cohesion, whilst their community-led design, research and advocacy work brings communities together through collaboration, co-design and co-creation; creating safe spaces for people from diverse backgrounds to find solutions to things they want to change and inspire them to take action.

MAIA biography:

MAIA is an arts and social justice organisation, based in the West Midlands, UK and working worldwide. MAIA believes that artists have the capacity, talent, imagination and boldness to transform the world. So MAIA connects community-rooted artists with resources and design infrastructure to support the possibilities for change.

MAIA’s vision is a world where artists are seen as powerful decision-makers in how structures and systems work, and where the manifestations of systemic change are recognised as art. MAIA’s mission is to redefine what it means to be an artist, challenge who gets to make their dreams real, and invest in the transformative possibilities of the Black imagination.

MAIA’s projects serve artists that the system doesn’t serve by designing and developing spaces, redistributing resources, and providing creative programming. Their work is done in community and informed by their four core values of joy, care, access, and justice.

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