BA (Hons) 3D Design - product designer

Product design is about making products useful, useable and delightful

If you want to turn your ideas into real products, creating delightful and rewarding experiences, being a product designer may be your ideal career. Product design deals with the tangible experience of seeing, desiring, obtaining, and using a product, ultimately defining the consumer's emotional connection to the object.

At Plymouth, the product designer discipline is an industry accredited course – one of only two in the country. We’ve been developing product design in a number of new spin-off themes – into business as a tool for strategic development, into technology as a tool for creating new experiences, and into social enterprise as a tool to generate responsible business ideas.

Design today goes beyond viable, usable and desirable products – experience and service design are emerging trends, as is designing for ethical and social enterprise. You’ll learn a world-class empathic approach, applying new creative skills to design tomorrow's innovations and experiences. All 3D designers are taught in a vibrant open studio, and are encouraged to team work across all three years and disciplines.

Product design creates:

  • Useful products providing a benefit or solving a need.
  • Useable products which are intuitive to use.
  • Delightful and rewarding experiences.

Becoming a product designer

We establish unique ways to help you identify opportunities to innovate, play with aesthetics, functions and visual identities. You’ll develop skills that help you stand out from the crowd and be more employable. Many of our graduates have set up their own consultancies, while others are working for major employers such as Lego and Dyson, or are undertaking postgraduate research. 

In-Vitro Meat

As traditional meat production becomes less sustainable as a method to feed our population, final year student Martin Tatchell explores how we may grow meat at home to supply food for the future.

Exploring a new, sustainable alternative to meat production.

International success in RSA Student Design Awards

It is very rewarding when our students talents and enthusiasm are acknowledged, particularly when they are applied to complex issues, and in an inspiring and socially responsible way.

Final year 3D Design students Aidan Postle and Jemima Oliver both won categories in the prestigious contest which celebrates global design talent

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