BA (Hons) 3D Design - Designer Maker

Designer makers are: individual, inspirational, hands-on

The University of Plymouth has a national reputation for producing distinctive and inspirational designer makers who understand business. 

Focus on hands-on exploration and work with a range of materials and skills to create expressive designs in furniture, ceramics and lighting for one-off or batch production. You’ll be expected to develop a diverse knowledge and range of skills relevant to your studies; designing and learning through making and creating important links between materials, process ideas and expression.

You will be taught and learn in a vibrant open studio environment. 

Through an understanding of materials and making processes, designer makers develop individual pathways and philosophies that respond and contribute to contemporary life. 

Many graduates, such as Lucy Turner, Stuart Melrose and Nick Fraser, have established their own businesses, and are regularly featured at major exhibitions such as the London Design Festival.

<p>Laura Lane - square</p>
"The BA was great for pointing me in the right direction, and it also gave me a good business grounding". Laura Lane set up her own ceramics business.
Dan Murley
"My favourite memory has got to be when I sold my final piece to the Vice Chancellor during my degree show". Dan Murley.
Conical copper lights by 3D Design graduate Joe Kennedy
"There’s an old saying that you ‘look with your fingertips’ when it comes to working with wood, and that’s absolutely true. But at university I was a sponge, learning to work with new materials like plastic and metal." Joe Kennedy.

Becoming a designer maker

We’ll help you understand materials and teach you craft skills, though these are not seen as an end in themselves – they are integrated into a broader understanding of design ideas, to problem solve and communicate through a developed individual language.

Whatever your direction, or emerging ideas, the application to which you put your thinking will be purposeful, useful, and inspirational. 

Graduates from our course are running their own businesses, working at design consultancies, as in-house designers, or have moved into education or postgraduate research.

Bethany Isaac - inspired by Dartmoor

... it's about my journey as a maker, between walking in the landscape to coming back and translating that through clay in the workshop.

Winner of our Vitra competition, Bethany Isaac discusses her work for the 2017 Art and Design degree show.

Joshua Milton - furniture designer

I work completely, entirely in wood ... it's been my passion since i was younger

Felder Furniture Prizewinner, Josh Milton, discusses his work for the HOT'17 Art and Design degree show.