Student insight - James Edgar

"I previously graduated with a BSc Biology degree from the University of Manchester. I loved science but I wanted to apply it in a more rewarding context. I worked as a Healthcare Assistant at Winchester Hospital and my experiences in orthopaedics cemented my ambition to work in a clinical context. I read about the role of Physician Associate and it was just what I wanted.

Plymouth's pioneering course looked fresh and their use of models and emphasis on clinical placement attracted me. The course takes graduates, predominantly with healthcare experience, and immerses you in general medicine by taking an integrated approach: theoretical sessions on how to approach disease, practical skills and placement experience.

It has been great seeing patients from the onset of the course. Currently I hold a 'PA Clinic' in general practice where my supervising GP lets me see patients prior to his management and diagnosis. The level of independence and encouragement is inspiring. As postgraduates, most of us are prepared for work. However, the sheer amount of clinical experience in a variety of medical settings with a variety of patients is invaluable. 

The amount of placement, the supportive staff and the steep learning curve encourage you to push yourself. I am studying hard and upon qualification I will work for Torbay Hospital as one of their 'Pioneering PAs'."