Remote & Global Placement Medicine module


The placement module is your opportunity to put your learning into practice, explore your role as a global health or remote health practitioner in more depth and learn from ‘doing’ in the field. This learning takes place by reflecting on your experiences and engaging with the literature to write a series of case studies of your work and to explore how the experience has contributed to your professional development.

The placement medicine module runs via the Digital Learning Environment so you are able to undertake your learning whilst being somewhere challenging or exciting. Previous students have undertaken their placements in locations as diverse as Africa to Antarctica, Peru to Plymouth. Some students will be in the position of working with an organisation but if this is not the case we are able to suggest many options that might be suitable.

<p>Remote &amp; Global Placement Medicine module&nbsp;<br></p>
Jo Byers working as a medic with a team in Central America
<p>Remote &amp; Global Placement Medicine module<br></p>
<p>Remote &amp; Global Placement Medicine module<br></p>
<p>Fraser Gould spends a year as the doctor for the RSS Ernest Shackleton</p>
Fraser Gould spends a year as the doctor for the RSS Ernest Shackleton
<p>Anneliese Noakes learning about healthcare provision in Orkney</p>
Anneliese Noakes learning about healthcare provision in Orkney
Masai women
Building primary care in Kenya
<p>Global and Remote healthcare<br></p>
<p>Building primary care in Kenya</p><p>Global and Remote healthcare</p>