Raunak Kulkarni - MSc Finance

Having graduated from Plymouth University in 2012 with a Distinction in MSc Finance, Raunak returned to India to spend time with his family. Here, in his own words, he tells us about his experience at Plymouth University.​

Why did you choose Plymouth University?

Plymouth University fitted exactly into my set of ideas vis-à-vis the course content, assessment patterns, faculty, accreditations, promising vision and reputation.  The location was a vital factor too. The waterfronts are exquisite and a perfect way to square off one’s long day at work. 

Why did you choose this particular course at the University? What did you expect to gain from it?

The sole focus of the course on Finance impressed me. The course content is aptly designed to include modules that give a comprehensive insight into financial markets and related topics. The syllabus is well structured for intensive learning without imposing too much pressure.

What was your experience of the course? Did it meet your expectations?

At the beginning, I was a bit overwhelmed. Surprisingly, everything was so smooth and fun-filled that I did not realise that my course was already nearing to an end. Working in groups with peers on all assignments got more enjoyable by the day. The final two months were entirely spent working on my dissertation. I continue to be amazed by how much I learnt during this period.  Although the course seems rigorous, I did not ever feel tired or exhausted at any moment - thanks to the structure, supportive faculty and cheerful environment that made my learning a joyous experience.