Hannah Fleming-Hill – MSc Entrepreneurship graduate

What was it about the MSc Entrepreneurship programme that stood out for you? 

I had just finished a long term job, I was unsure what I wanted to do next. I knew I wanted to set up my own business but needed the connections and resources so thought that spending a year studying such a subject would definitely help. 

How did studying this course integrate into your week? (i.e. study time, lectures, attendance) 

I worked alongside my studies, working as well as planning my wedding (that was a month after finishing) so had to manage my time really carefully. We had about one or two lectures a day on average and then had group work and individual study time to fit in as well. 

Which module/subject did you enjoy the most and why?

I found the business plan module really good as it helped me to refine my business plan, thinking about it practically, put it in place and bring everything together that helped me in my BETA pitch where I was successfully awarded BETA funding for my business idea!

Were you involved in any university societies / clubs / social activities? 

Because of everything I had going on with work and personal life, I didn’t really get a chance to join any societies. However, I did when I studied my undergrad BSc Events Management at Plymouth University, I actually was a part of the team to set up the Entrepreneurship Society and were invited to conferences in Barcelona and Birmingham, we had the opportunity to represent Plymouth University on the student body and we were also nominated for the Vice Chancellor award for two years.

Being part of the Entrepreneurship Society was a real eye opening experience about opportunities you don’t need to graduate, into a 9–5pm job, you can start a business! This set the seed of the benefits to studying the MSc Entrepreneurship programme.

What has been the three main highlights of studying this programme? 

1) Getting a new insight into how I want my entrepreneurial journey to go.
2) Meeting some awesome people!
3) Getting the opportunity to represent Plymouth University at the Babson conference.

How do you feel the MSc Entrepreneurship programme has prepared you for your future? 

Having to balance my studies with my work has definitely helped me to prepare for running my own business, I have to motivate myself as responsibility falls to me, I have to do my own research and I am constantly focused on personal development. 

What do you think are the strengths of Plymouth as a university city?

I’m not from Plymouth originally but after finishing my undergraduate degree, I decided to stay here, it’s been seven years now and you can really see the changes over the years. The business community is so supportive and I’ve made real friends who have been a great help especially over the past few months of running my own business. Their practical knowledge and experience have been vital in continuing my development and ensuring my business success.

What advice would you give a student thinking of studying the MSc Entrepreneurship programme?

Go for it, it is a really good programme and the lecturers are very knowledgeable and you will gain the skills to understand entrepreneurship. I would advise students alongside their studies to get as much experience as possible working within the business community and to build their network links. I did this this whilst studying and felt it really helped me to make some important contacts moving forward.

What are your plans now that you have recently graduated?

I’m now fully self-employed working as a Digital Creative Content Strategist utilising my business education from my MSc Entrepreneurship, with my past experience and passion of digital marketing to help businesses build an online presence. I am also working on setting up my commerce business that I received funding for from the BETA business competition as well as a few other projects in the pipe lines. I’m building my reputation in the city and working work a range of different businesses and organisation so things are always busy!