Careers - MSc Civil Engineering

Students graduating from this programme have successfully completed their Chartered Professional Review and now work in a wide range of consultant, contractor and client organisations. Several graduates have also gone on to develop academic careers, completing PhDs in engineering related areas. 

Where our graduates are now

“From the beginning of my civil engineering studies, my dream was to have my own company. Thanks to my time at the University of Plymouth, that dream is starting to become a reality.

During my foundation year in Greece I decided to continue my studies in the UK. I chose Plymouth as it is recognised in Greece as one of the ten best universities in the UK, especially the civil engineering department.”
Fotini Ntousikou
Project Management, Greece 

“My MSc was instrumental in me getting this job. Both optimisation and BIM were covered in the MSc lectures which gave me the foundation for the work I currently undertake. The programme was challenging and covered a lot of topics, some in great detail.”
Michael Rustell 
Research Engineer, HR Wallingford