Pascale Ghali – MSc Brand and Design Management graduate profile

How do you feel the MSc Brand Design Management course has prepared you for your future?

It was a great introduction course that allowed me to really understand the process behind what goes into the marketing and launching of a product. It makes it easier to understand how companies work and how they created advertising campaigns for the ideal audience.

What has been the three main highlights of studying this course?

I met some amazing people! Honestly, the fact that there were only a few of us gave me the opportunity to meet and become friends with a range of very talented and passionate colleagues. I enjoyed touching on subjects that I never though would be relevant to design and management like psychology and entrepreneurship, understanding the various subjects involved was very stimulating.

Finally, I enjoyed the professors and the different teaching methods they provided during the year. Each professor was very involved in their teaching subject and available for any type of queries or help.

Which module/subject did you enjoy the most and why?

I enjoyed consumer psychology and brand behaviour very much. The course is an eye-opener on how much psychology is involved in the selection and purchase of product based on thoughts, beliefs, feelings, social pressure and more.

Understanding how consumers choose and buy products has a very strong influence on how to market goods to reach the ideal target audience and ultimately making them loyal consumers.

What message would you give to a person considering studying this course at the University of Plymouth?

It’s a great introductory course to many different subjects that are applicable in the branding, marketing and design world.

What do you think are the strengths of Plymouth as a University city?

Since the university is set in the heart of the city that has many different shops, attractions, and waterfront views, I would say the main strength of the school is its city surroundings. Plymouth is a friendly city where students have easy access to the Barbican harbour and the Hoe. I also really enjoyed 'market days' where a variety of dishes and finest products are introduced to students from different local traders.

What are your plans after you graduate – where are you hoping this qualification will take you?

I’d like to find work as a graphic designer with some marketing skills involved.