Amber Gardiner – MSc Brand and Design Management graduate profile

What has been the three main highlights of studying this course?

The three main highlights of the MSc Brand and Design Management course for me have been, the industry specific knowledge base of all the lecturing staff, the wide variety of module content and the mixture of both art and business modules. 

The lecturing staff on this course are outstanding and possess real industry experience in which they draw upon within their teaching methods. We had the opportunity to learn from individuals who have themselves undergone careers in many of our chosen industries, which really enriched my learning experience. 

The course included nine modules, opposed to just six and a dissertation. Consequently, we truly had the opportunity to gain an understanding of a range of topics which will allow us to excel within our fields. 

The course was also one of the first courses to provide a mixture of both business and art based modules. As an individual who comes from a business education background, I was provided with the opportunity to build upon my existing knowledge, but also have the opportunity to gain insight into the wonderful world of design.

Which module/subject did you enjoy the most and why?

It is very difficult for me to select just one module as my most enjoyable. I genuinely really enjoyed the majority of the taught modules, with only one module out of nine that I did not enjoy. I could narrow my favourite modules down to two, consumer psychology and strategic brand management.

Both modules were taught by two very interesting and engaging leaders, who not only inspired me within the classroom, but also to strive to achieve great things in my future career. The content was both interesting and varied, providing transferable and relevant information.

How do you feel the MSc Brand and Design Management course has prepared you for your future?

The course is specifically designed to provide the learners with the necessary information to effectively manage a brand. I was able to learn relevant and essential information such as, design and trade mark law, how to strategically manage a brand and how to effectively conduct market research.

The content is both tailored and relevant to equip you with the tools to start a career, in any creative marketing role. As an Events Coordinator, the course has definitely provided me with a solid knowledge base of how to best promote events via the use of integrated and engaging campaigns.

What message would you give to a person considering studying this course at Plymouth University?

You are making a very important decision, but it is most certainly the best decision you could make. If you want to learn from passionate, supportive and engaged lecturers, teaching informative, interesting and relevant content, then this course and Plymouth University is for you.

What do you think are the strengths of Plymouth as a University city?

Plymouth University is based in the heart of Plymouth, a stones throw from the city centre and walking distance from the sea. Plymouth is perched on the edge of Cornwall and offers a vibrant nightlife. 

What are your plans after you graduate – where are you hoping this qualification will take you?

I have just started a new role at the University of West London as an Events Coordinator. I really feel that completing the MSc Brand and Design Management programme allowed me to stand out against other candidates. I was able to effectively utilise the information I obtained throughout studying to highlight areas in which I could assist with the promotion and management of the university brand, along with the promotion of events.