Advanced Professional Practice in Work and Wellbeing - teaching and learning

The full-time route for this programme will normally take one year, and the part-time route, two years. If you study full time the maximum registration period is three years; it is five years if you study part time.

This programme is taught by blended learning, which means that there will normally be two study blocks in Plymouth with some remote learning in between, which is supported by the University intranet. 

This delivery structure is intended to be compatible with your busy life as a postgraduate student, and enhance the learning process by giving you time for reflection between study blocks. Some modules may be taught by a four day study block. The study blocks will comprise a mixture of lectures followed by small group work. 

Tutorials are provided to support the development of your assignment and your research project. As adult learners the emphasis is on self-directed learning, so you will be expected to read around the subject and actively engage in the face-to-face and online learning tasks.

Normally assessment is six weeks after the end of the module. Usually this is by written coursework and there are no unseen exams. In some modules where there are skills components, there may be a practical element to the assessment. We will give you feedback on your assignments in order to guide your development. 

We are aiming to increase your skills in reflection, analysis and critical debate, as well as developing your knowledge base to the cutting edge of your subject. 

Teaching is underpinned by current research and you’ll have the opportunity to work with experienced staff on your own research project. The quality of our programme is important to us, so we will ask you to engage in feedback, staff-student liaison and the life of the school.