More information about MA Social Work

Learning and assessment

This programme is informed by a number of factors including, the different backgrounds of members of the student group, the requirements of graduate study and of social work education. These requirements include the need for you to achieve professional competency and to demonstrate an ability to relate academic theory and knowledge to social work practice during the two assessed periods of practice learning.

Practice learning

You must spend 170 days in a supervised practice settings after being assessed as ‘safe to practice’. The following specific requirements must be met:

1. You must undergo assessed preparation for direct practice to ensure your safety to undertake practice learning in a service-delivery setting. This preparation will include the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the experience of service users and the opportunity to shadow an experienced social worker.

2. You must have experience in at least two practice settings, of statutory social work tasks involving legal interventions, and of providing services to at least two service user groups (e.g. adults and mental health).

3. By the end of the second period of practice learning, you must demonstrate that you have met the Professional Capabilities Framework and the Social Work Benchmark Statement and are suitable for admission to the HCPC register of social workers.

Placement opportunities will be provided in agencies in both the statutory and voluntary sectors throughout the south-west region.