Photographic resources

Our photographic resources are housed on the second floor of the Scott Building, which is also where the academic and technical photographic staff work. The taught programmes are principally taught in the MA Base Room on the first floor, and both floors are laid out as exhibiting spaces, so all the photography at the University is thoroughly integrated in this one building.

Our Media Hub holds a large collection of cameras and technical equipment for your use. The cameras include large format Sinar, Horsemann, Linhof and Wista plate cameras; Hasselblad, Pentax, Mamiya and Rolleiflex medium format cameras and Pentax and Nikon 35mm SLR systems. Alongside this, we have a growing array of digital camera systems including digital Hasselblads and Nikon digital D series SLRs with a range of prime lenses.

Our resources are all purpose-built and the black and white facilities comprise a film processing room, a large dry-print darkroom and a wet-bench darkroom. The colour darkrooms are equipped with 10”x 8”, 5”x 4”, medium and small format DeVere enlargers. We also have a C41 line for 35mm and 120 roll film processing. 

The digital darkrooms are equipped with Epson V700/750 scanners and Apple Mac workstations with full Adobe CS software including Lightroom. The digital printing is accommodated on a 44” wide format Fuji printer.

There are four photographic studios in the Scott Building with a range of both stand-mounted and high-glide track lighting, as well as a purpose built daylight studio on the northwest corner, with dual aspect diffuser and blackout blinds and an overhead window with electric blinds.