Tamar Engineering Project: scholars

Lisa Jacob: forging a civil acquaintance

My mentor has already provided me with insights into the industry and the steps I can take after graduating. Future meetings will increase my confidence and knowledge about the industry.

Lisa was mentored by Jon Benton, Regional Director, Dawnus Construction.

What Lisa hoped to gain from the project

Brian Viviers: programmed for a prosperous pathway

Being part of the Tamar Engineering project shows possible employers a lot. Actually being accepted onto the project demonstrates that you are a high achiever and you have the drive to accomplish what you put your mind to.

Brian was mentored by Michael LeGoff, CEO of Plessey.

What Brian hoped to gain from the project

Benjamin Bush: mechanisms for a fruitful future

I gained greater confidence in myself and what I can actually do with what skills I have. My mentor, Nick, had really encouraged me to be more open in myself and my abilities.

Ben was mentored by Nick Ames, CEO of SC Group.

What Ben hoped to gain from the project

Chris Dawson: building career connections

The project has been greatly beneficial for me, it has allowed me to develop my understanding of my area a lot more. It has also lead to me developing into a more well-rounded engineer.

Chris is being mentored by Dominic Bostock; Commercial Director of Cormac as part of the Tamar Engineering Project

What Chris hoped to gain from the project