Tamar Engineering Project: Lisa Jacob

Lisa Jacob: forging a civil acquaintance

“My mentor has already provided me with insights into the industry and the steps I can take after graduating. Future meetings will increase my confidence and knowledge about the industry. For example, how to come across in an interview or what the code of conduct is on site.”

Lisa is receiving professional mentoring from Jon Benton, Regional Director of Dawnus Construction, as part of the support provided by the Tamar Engineering Project (TEP). From Jon, Lisa will learn how the industry works first-hand, gaining privileged insights, contacts, and experience that will propel Lisa into her career.

The Project aims to break down the barriers which might deter high achieving, disadvantaged students from choosing university as a route to an engineering career, though industry mentoring and financial support.

TEP is championed by Plymouth University alumnus Stephen Ball, who from a disadvantaged background himself, went on to become CEO of Lockheed Martin UK.

“I am passionate about engineering and the opportunities it provides for people in life – and that is why I am supporting the Tamar Engineering Project with the University of Plymouth. A mentoring and access programme operating in collaboration with industry, like the Tamar Engineering Project can reach into socioeconomically vulnerable sections of society and provide critical support to academically excellent applicants.” Stephen Ball.
Stephen, Jon, and other industry mentors lend their time and expertise to our TEP scholars as a way of investing the next generation of engineers.

The Tamar Engineering Project

Funding and mentoring for high achievers who might not otherwise consider higher education as a route to a career in computing and engineering.

Learn if you are eligible for this scholarship at the University of Plymouth through the Tamar Engineering Project.

Successful applicants will receive:

  • £3,000 towards living costs per year of study
  • £1,500 course fee waiver per year of study
  • one-to-one mentoring from an industry expert.

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