Tamar Engineering Project: industry partners

Industry partner 1: SC Group Ltd

SC Group Ltd is one of the world’s leading engineering companies specialising in the design and development of high mobility vehicles and bespoke equipment for harsh environments. Founded in 1980 as Supacat, it rebranded under a new SC Group identity in 2015 to support the company’s expansion into new markets.

The organisation's comprehensive engineering capabilities are primarily in mechanical and electrical engineering, spanning structural analysis, structural optimisation, fluid structural simulation and test and validation, including full system prototype build.  The business has a production capability carrying out low rate, high quality builds.

SC Group is headquartered in Devon, and employs over 200 people at facilities in the South West of England and Victoria, Australia.

CEO: Nick Ames

“Encouraging and helping the next generation of engineers when the country needs good qualified engineers has to be a good thing, as is a strong relationship between a company and its local university. The Tamar Engineering Project benefits both sides and I’ve found mentoring a student a very rewarding and refreshing experience”.

Nick is mentoring Benjamin Bush in the pilot year of the Project. A close, professional connection aims to build the confidence, skills and networks of the scholar, both widening their horizons and raising aspirations.

Industry partner 2: Plessey

Based in Plymouth, Plessey are renowned for being an innovative technology design and manufacturing organisation. 

Plessey is a world leader in producing GaN-on-Silicon LEDs selling to a range of blue chip global customers. As a technology company they are passionate about providing intelligent electronic solutions using solid state lighting and sensing to enhance people’s quality of life. Our LED products make use of our innovative GaN-on-Silicon technology to provide lighting solutions across the industrial, architectural, retail, outdoor and residential sectors.

CEO: Michael LeGoff

“The Tamar Engineering Project is a highly valuable and noble cause. This is an excellent idea and one that other universities should look at to getting their alumni to be more supportive of.

Engineering is a key discipline for and in a number of growth drivers for the UK economy; ranging from manufacturing to the service industries. I would strongly support this type of programme for any professional degree."

Michael is mentoring Computer Science student, Brian Viviers, as part of the Tamar Engineering Project

Read about Michael's review and Plessey's involvement of the pilot year.

Industry partner 3: Dawnus

We're delighted to welcome Dawnus on to the Tamar Engineering Project as an industry partner.

Based in Swansea, Dawnus is an international civil engineering and building company, operated by a senior management team of highly skilled professionals who possess the technical abilities and experience to deal with a wide range of projects.

Jon Benton; Regional Director, is mentoring Lisa Jacob as part of the Tamar Engineering Project

Industry partner 4: BT

With growing demand for digital skills in the UK, BT is keen to help create the future supply of suitably-skilled people, helping both their own business and the national economy. 

BT has a long history of technical innovation and engineering excellence which has shaped communications in the UK and across the world. They are committed to developing the next generation of engineers and technologists. 

Their Tech literacy programme is targeted with reaching five million young people in the UK by 2020, they sponsor undergraduate engineers through the BT iET diamond scholarship programme, and support The Prince’s Trust Technology Leadership Group, which helps thousands of young people achieve their full potential.

Director, BT Service & Operations Lab: Paul O'Brien

"I’m very excited to get the opportunity to coach Chris. It’s important that industry take an active interested in developing the technologists and engineers of the future. We rely on talented people to create the future networks and services which will ensure the UK is a world leader in telecommunications and the services it supports."

Paul is mentoring Chris Dawson on the Tamar Engineering Project. Chris will go on to do a placement year with BT at Adastral Park in Ipswich, making his connection with Paul all the more valuable.