Opportunities and events

From organising and participating in fundraising events, to supporting the Facility with specialist skills acquired throughout their study, there are many opportunities for Plymouth University students to get involved with the Derriford Research Facility

World Antibiotic Awareness Week

Antibiotic Awareness Week typically falls in November each year, but the University hosts several events throughout the year including interactive lab workshops, film screenings, seminars, and even pub quizzes. Visit our WAAW page to see what's coming up.

Find out more on our WAAW page

Could you help spread knowledge about antibiotic resistance? Sign-up to become an Antibiotic Guardian, visit: www.antibioticguardian.com

3D students design and create bespoke donation boxes

Mark Hedley and William Shaw were approached by the University to create five donation boxes for charity. 

The first completed box was unveiled at a Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence tour at the University in November 2016.

Will - 'Design is something that I have always wanted to do. My family are involved with design; we are a very creative family. I wanted to certify it and go into design in the future'.

Mark - 'It is the first time we have worked with clients. I had never actually done anything like this so it was very interesting. Following this through has been an interesting and educational process'.
Four more boxes are due for completion in 2017 and will be placed at cafe's throughout the University campus.