About the South West Creative Technology Network

The South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN) is a £6.5 million project to expand the use of creative technologies across the south west of England. The network is offering three one-year funded programmes around the themes of immersion, automation and data.

The project will develop a new, networked model of Knowledge Exchange for creative technologies innovation. It will do this by harnessing the expertise in creative technology research across the South West region to deliver a series of interdisciplinary research and development programmes that grow the capabilities and connections between the participating HEI and industry partners.

The collaboration will invest in interdisciplinary research and development fellowships and prototype production across three challenge areas: Immersion, Automation and Data. 

Our focus on creative technology brings together arts, design, computer sciences, engineering and business development to deliver new products and services.



Over three years (2018–2020) the partnership will recruit three cohorts of fellows (academic, industry and new talent). Each cohort will run for twelve months and focus on one of three challenge areas: Immersion, Automation and Data.

The cohort will engage in an initial period of three months deep thinking around the challenge area exploring what’s new, what’s good, where the gaps in the market are, what the challenges are, and what the potentials are. The cohorts will receive facilitation, producer support, and have time for individual research. Fellows will be expected to share their learning outwardly at the end of this period.

Following this deep research phase the partnership will invest £240k in making prototypes in response to the research findings. Fellows are encouraged to bid for this prototype investment. All fellows will be expected to continue through to the end of the scheme as part of the cohort.

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Value and impact

As a partnership we are excited about innovative uses of technologies that engage users in hybrid experiences that are ethical, promote wellbeing, connect us to one another and create value. The network is rooted in the creative industries but aims to make connections into other sectors. We will build creative capacity, generate shared knowledge and maximise potential for specific commercial impact.

A key focus will be to facilitate in-roads for creative technology and creative practices into other sectors. Together, we will produce commercial and social impacts across the challenge areas in a range of sectors including the creative industries, health and manufacturing.

Our opportunities are open to anyone, any discipline and background, and whose work has explored aspects of creative technology. We feel that creating the conditions for amazing work to thrive is to bring together people who are different from one another.

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