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iMayfower Masters R&D Studentship

Considering applying for a masters with the University of Plymouth Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business this summer?

Are you keen to work collaboratively with a local business to apply your knowledge in a work context, contributing to the development of a new product, service or experiential offering, and enhancing your creative practice and future prospects?

About Thomas Duggan Studio:

Thomas Duggan Studio is a collaborative and multidisciplinary research studio exploring design, material science and sculpture. The studio works on a consultancy basis within innovation and research and has a fully equipped workshop including advanced robotic fabrication that supports collaborative projects for individuals, companies and institutions. The studio has published work within leading scientific journals including Nature Nanotechnology, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences as well as exhibiting at the V&A Museum, Tate and MoMA.

Project title:

How to disseminate and engage audiences in processes of product design and its material science post Covid-19?

Project description:
There are two opportunities within this particular project, as outlined below. When applying for the Masters R&D Studentship, please indicate which opportunity you are applying for.

The first student will focus on the development of virtual and immersive media experiences to develop experimental remote audience engagement interfaces and experiences with a focus on visualisation and haptic/remote technologies. To achieve this, the student will be expected to work with a focus on the immersive media laboratory at the University of Plymouth using 3D scanning and visualisation
resources, and funding will be provided to make use of remote haptic and sensing technology to remotely communicate notions of material qualification (e.g. textures, scale, granularity, etc).

The second student will focus on the delivery of novel modes of remote production and making using robotic technology, particularly interrogating the notion of 'creative making' by using remote technologies. By accessing robotic equipment at the University of Plymouth (EPSON VT6 robotic arms), the student will continue ongoing collaborative research using 3D printing and liquid deposition modelling in order to experiment and prototype remote modes of robotic and 3D printing production (e.g. telepresence and remote compliance technology).

Applicant profile:

Both projects, however related, might require slightly different skillsets. Given the multi-disciplinary nature of the proposal and its focus on innovative digital technologies, it is suggested that the students enrol on the MA or MSc Integrated Design course at the University of Plymouth.

For the first project, knowledge of digital modelling and visualiation is essential. Knowldge of cognate areas related to immersive media design would be ideal - those can include game design, computing, immersive media design, Unity, VR development and/or sensing.

For the second project, knowledge of digital fabrication and 3D modelling is essential. 

Additional skills related to digital fabrication and robotics would be ideal, those can include the use of Rhinoceros’ Grasshopper, design/making, product design and crafts.

Salary details:
Successful applicants will receive a scholarship of £3000 towards their course fees. The business (Sponsor) will also receive a stipend of up to £2000 towards agreed costs of materials, travel and accommodation directly associated with the project. Students will receive joint supervision from the business and University staff throughout the duration of the project, impacting positively on your creative practice and future prospects.

Closing date:
09 July 2020

Vacancy number:

How to apply:
To be considered for this Masters R&D Studentship, please contact us with a covering letter, detailing the skills you will bring to this internship and areas you would like to develop through the experience. Please also include a completed Expression of Interest form, your CV and links to your portfolio, if you have one.
If you have not already applied for the MA or MSc Integrated Design, you will need to do this at the same time as applying for the Studentship. To discuss the process for this, or for any enquiries about the course itself, contact Alejandro Veliz Reyes.