Support for veterans and service personnel

Support for veterans and service personnel (Corporate and Community):

University of Plymouth is a signatory to the ‘Plymouth Armed Forces Community Covenant’ and the ‘Plymouth Armed Forces Corporate Covenant’ and is represented by Dr Richard Yarwood and John Pentreath respectively. In both cases University of Plymouth works with partners to fulfil the national and local aims of the Armed Forces Covenant to support members of the armed forces and their families. View details of the University’s pledge to the Corporate Covenant. In this regard we invite feedback from the Service community and others on how we are doing, as necessary. In December 2013 University of Plymouth hosted a research conference for ‘Plymouth Armed Forces Community Covenant’, which was the first of its kind in the country.

Universities in Support of Wounded, Injured and Sick (UNSWIS): As signatories to UNSWIS the University agrees to engage with referrals from the Ministry of Defense (via UNSWIS) who are making the transition (on medical discharge) from military to civilian life. The University can offer higher and further education assessments as well as taster experiences, work experience, and possibly internships.

Project Equinox: This is a charity that has been created under the University’s auspices, aiming to create a ‘sheltered home’ in Plymouth for 40 single veterans (of largely pensioner age, each in his / her own individual flats) adjoined by accommodation for 40 medical students, who will have an intergenerational social ‘buddying’ commitment to a paired veteran. Research and evaluation is expected to demonstrate how the stimulation provided by camaraderie and companionship with kindred spirits, and the younger generation will enhance veterans’ mental and physical health, and thereby longevity. In a wider context the project will incorporate hall and healthcare clinic facilities open to all veterans, the latter being operated (under supervision) by students of the University’s School of Health Professions.