Academic research with the armed forces

Research with the armed forces

The experiences of military families: This project examines the experiences of the children of service families in Plymouth and the role of HMS Heroes in supporting them. It is led by Dr Naomi Tyrrell and Dr Richard Yarwood and is funded by HMS Heroes and the Institute of Health and Community. The results have been presented to the Plymouth Armed Forces Community Covenant and the Army Families Federation.

Veterans’ lifestyles and employment: Dr Richard Yarwood and Dr Agatha Herman (now at Reading University) have examined the experiences of veterans living in Plymouth and in particular, their transition to civilian life. The research was funded by the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (SOGEEs) and has been presented to the Royal Geographical Society and Help for Heroes. It has been published in a major geographical journal.

Veterans memory café: Set up by the Plymouth Drake Foundation and with the help of The Royal British Legion, the Alzheimer Society, the Royal Navy Welfare Services and University of Plymouth's dementia research team, the Royal Navy has opened one of the UK’s first veterans memory cafés at Crownhill Community Centre. This is for veterans and their families who need the services of dementia care specialists to provide information, education, support and care to help those living with similar conditions, and to help them live their lives to the fullest. To complement the work of this facility the University of Plymouth's Ian Sherriff and Dr Helen Phillips have established a group of interested parties whose purpose is to understand the health issues being faced by veterans. This group is in its early stages of development, but has already made some interesting progress in data collection on veterans in Plymouth, an evaluation can be read in detail here from July 2014.

Anglia Ruskin: We have an agreement to work in partnership with the Veterans and Families Institute (VFI), Anglia Ruskin University. This has led to a joint tender between VFI and University of Plymouth with the Ministry of Defence (MOD), to work on the ‘Diversity Training Evaluation Design and the Lived Experience’ project. 

Internal Virtual; Defence Research Network: This is used to disseminate funding opportunities in the defence industry to 49 researchers across all faculties, led by Susan Ann Eick.

Professor Kim Stevenson and Dr Judith Rowbotham (Plymouth Law School) together with Dr Peter Bokody and Dr Jenny Graham (Art History) are involved in a multi-disciplinary project on Memorialising Women Raped in Conflict, heading the academic context development to link up and help drive the practitioner initiative led by Lesley Abdela of Eyecatcher Associates. An initial symposium was organised for April 2016.

Blind Veterans UK: Representatives of the Blind Veterans UK Community Rehabilitation team and Research and Innovation team attended and presented at the Annual Plymouth International Dementia Conference. Findings were presented from various studies about the connections between those suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the increase in chances of dementia. Additionally Ian Sherriff chairs the Blind Veterans UK Research and Ethics Expert Advisory Group.