Academic evaluation with the armed forces

Academic evaluation

University of Plymouth is happy to work with partners to provide evaluations and consultancy, on projects related to the military and veterans. For example, we've signed an agreement with ‘Veterans for Change’ to provide academic evaluations of their work with veterans in the criminal justice system.

University of Plymouth is part of two framework agreements supplying the Ministry of Defense (MOD) through BAE Systems: 

  • The Defence Human Capability Science and Technology Centre (DHCSTC) supplies research excellence in the field of defence human capability research, covering areas such as personnel, tri-service training and education, health and wellbeing, information activities and outreach, humans in systems and human component in cyber. 
  • Niteworks provides decision making support to the MOD and defence industry. 

For the DHCSTC framework, 18 academics are named on the framework agreement with the DHCSTC (rather than being registered with the DHCSTC). University of Plymouth submits responses to ‘Statements of Requirement’ released by these suppliers. 

All contracts go through University of Plymouth Enterprise Ltd (UoPEL).