DCSS - Dr Simon W. Murden

Our team are located either on the Plymouth campus or at the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

Dr Simon W. Murden, – Lecturer in Strategic Studies, University of Plymouth at Britannia Royal Naval College. He went to the Universities of Durham and Exeter, receiving his doctorate from Exeter in 1993 for research on Emergent Regional Powers in the Gulf, 1988-91. He was a lecturer in International Relations at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, and University of Plymouth.

The principal characteristic of his research has been the application of international relations and security studies perspectives to the study of the Middle East and political Islam. In recent years, he has also developed expertise in more general strategy and security studies, especially in relation to contemporary warfare. His publications include Emergent Regional Powers and International Relations in the Gulf 1988-91 (Ithaca, 1995) and Islam, the Middle East and the New Global Hegemony (Lynne Reinner, 2002); Huntington and his critics, Political Geography, Vol.18, No.8, November 1999; Understanding Israel's long conflict in Lebanon: the search for an alternative security policy during the peace process, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Vol.27, No.1, May 2000; "Political Economy: From Modernization to Globalization", in Youssef Choueiri (ed.) A Companion to the History of the Middle East (Blackwell Publishing, 2005); and "Culture in World Affairs", in John Baylis and Steve Smith (eds.) The Globalization of World Politics (Oxford University Press, 2008, 4th edition); "Staying the Course in "Fourth Generation Warfare: Persuasion and Perseverance in the Era of the Asymmetric Bargaining War", Contemporary Security Policy, Volume 28, No.1, April 2007, p197-211. His latest book is The Problem of Force: Grapppling with the Global Battlefield which examines the general and particular difficulties in making force work during the Global War on Terrorism.

Email address: simon.murden@plymouth.ac.uk