DCSS - Dr Jane Harrold

Our team are located either on the Plymouth campus or at the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

Dr Jane Harrold – Lecturer in Strategic Studies, University of Plymouth at Britannia Royal Naval College. She joined Britannia Royal Naval College from the University of Warwick in 1997. Teaching and research interests include the evolution of the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy in particular European Security and Defence Policy, contemporary security studies and twentieth century international and naval history. Her Ph.D., 'State Building: The Case of the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP),' was based on an examination of the evolution of CFSP and its implications for the future of European integration and the state's provision of security.

Dr Harrold fills the additional position of BRNC Archivist and in 1999 she was involved in the setting up of the Britannia Museum of which she is Deputy Curator. In 2005 she published a definitive history of the College, Britannia Royal Naval College 1905-2005: One hundred Years of Officer Training at Dartmouth, co-authored with Dr Richard Porter, for which they were awarded the Sir Robert Craven Trophy by the Britannia Naval Research Association in October 1905. A revised and updated second edition was published in 2007, re-titled Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth: An Illustrated History. Dr Harrold has also contributed The Naval Review and to a number of television productions as well as making a number of media appearances herself.

Email address: jane.harrold@plymouth.ac.uk