DCSS - Dr Georgios Mourtos

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Dr Georgios Mourtos is a graduate from the Police Academy for Non-Commissioned Officers in Athens-Greece. He attended the Southampton Technical College-UK, where he was awarded the GCE in Politics, English Law and Economics. He holds a BA degree in Special Politics from Hull University-UK, an MA in War Studies from London University, King’s College-UK, and a PhD from Ionian University, Corfu-Greece. His PhD examined the ideology and the strategic thought of the Turkish Armed Forces from Ottoman Years to the present day.

Georgios Mourtos was awarded a scholarship from the Norwegian government and attended a post-graduate course in “Peace Research” at Oslo University-Norway and, twice, a Fulbright Scholarship to attend an intensive post-graduate course at the leading International School for promising professionals at Salzbourg-Austria on “The Methods and Techniques of Negotiation” and on “The Post-Cold War Order”, respectively. He attended numerous post-graduate Schools in Greece and abroad (Germany, Italy, Taiwan) on the structures of global governance and security.

His professional career spans almost three decades. He served as a Secretary at a Police Station and Head of a Police Rural Unit in Central Greece (1973-76). Appointed Head of Public Relations Dept., Telecommunicatios-Signaling & Weapons Systems Co., Athens-Greece (1983). From 1984 until 1988 he served as Strategic Counselor at the Ministry to the Prime Minister’s Office, and in 1989, joined the Ministry of Defence, where he served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989-2002) as a Counselor on Strategy, Geopolitics and NATO issues, on the Minister of Defence Office (2002-2004) as a Counselor on Strategy, “military diplomacy” and a speech-writer. For three years (2004-2006), he worked as a Special Adviser on International Relations and “ecclesiastical diplomacy” to the late Archbishop of Greece, Christodoulos. From 2007 he serves at the Hellenic National Defence College, Athens-Greece, as a Councelor of Studies, Lecturer and MA Co-ordinator.

Georgios Mourtos has researched and published widely in the fields of security, foreign policy, geopolitics and negotiation, with special interest on Eastern Mediterranean. He has published twelve books and monographs, and numerous articles in scholarly periodicals. Indicative book titles:

  • NATO’s Strategy
  • Defence and Foreign Policy of Romania
  • Greece and Turkey in the Post-Cold War Era
  • Turkey-Israel and the Eclipse of Greece from its Traditional Geopolitical Area
  • The Turkish Military and State from the Ottomans to the Present Day
  • Greece: an Un-orthodox Actor. A Geopolitical Analysis (one vol., 648 pp, 1025 footnotes)
  • The Art of Negotiation: The Cultural Factor (in two vol., unfinished). Indicative article titles: “Security in the Balkans. A Greek Perspective”
  • “The Geopolitical Anatomy of Eastern Mediterranean and the Position of Greece”
  • “The Geopolitical Character of the European Mediterranean Countries”.

 He has been an occasional lecturer at the Military Academies and Schools of the Greek Armed Forces, as well as in Greek Universities, and a regular participant to conferences at home and abroad. Dr Mourtos is currently an Adjunct Lecturer and the local co-ordinator for the MA program in Applied Strategy and International Security at the Hellenic National Defence College