DCSS - Stephen Moran

Our team are located either on the Plymouth campus or at the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

Mr Stephen Moran MA: Associate Lecturer - Stephen Moran completed 25 years service with The Royal Marines in April 2015. He is currently a security advisor with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development having recently spent six months in an advisory role in the Moldovan capital Chisinau. He joined the Royal Marines Reserve in 1986 transferring to the regular Corps in 1990 joining 45 Commando RM and deploying on operations in Northern Ireland and Northern Iraq on Operation HAVEN.

In 1992 he was selected to join the newly formed Brigade Patrol Troop at HQ in Plymouth and for the next four years he honed his skills as a reconnaissance leader deploying to Belize, Norway USA, and the Swiss and French Alps. In 1996 he successfully completed junior command training and attended the mountain leader 2nd class course re-joining 45 Commando in April 1997.

While serving with 45 Commando RM he deployed to Zimbabwe as part of a Mountain Leader training cadre joining the Fleet Standby Rifle Troop RM on his return. He spent five months on HMS Newcastle the West Indies Guard Ship deploying on anti piracy and counter narcotic operations in the Caribbean Sea and Humanitarian relief on the volcanic stricken Island of Montserrat. He deployed on Operations in the Balkans and Sierra Leone; during this tour, he awarded The CINCFLEET commendation for distinguished service in the African theatre of Operations.

In 1999 he was selected for Senior Command Training and attended The Mountain Leader 1st class course and on completion returned to 45 Commando RM. During this time he deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 on OP JACANA being formally commended as Company Mountain Leader Class 1 for operations in the Hindu Kush. In 2002 he returned to Brigade Patrol Troop as Team Commander deploying to the USA, Botswana, Norway, and Switzerland. In March 2003 he deployed on Operation Telic 1 in Iraq and was amongst the first UK troops to enter Basra.

In 2005 he joined 42 Commando RM as unit Mountain Leader and deployed on OP HERRICK 5 in Afghanistan and to North India teaching High Altitude Mountain Training in the Himalayas. He then spent a year teaching future RM SNCO’s at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. In 2008 he was selected for promotion to Warrant Officer Second Class receiving a distinguished pass in the course. In 2008 he returned to 45 Commando RM as a Sergeant Major deploying to the Sangin district with the commando operations company on OP HERRICK 9. In 2009 he was selected as 30 Commando Brigade Reconnaissance Force Sergeant Major.

After successful completion of the RSM board, he was appointed as RSM 45 Commando Group RM on Sept 2010 returning to Afghanistan on OP HERRICK 14 in the Ned e Ali district. WO1 Moran was awarded the Royal Naval Meritorious Service Medal on completion of this tour. In 2012 he was appointed RSM 30 Commando IX Gp and in 2013 was appointed as the RSM of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines becoming the senior non enlisted man in the 5,500-manned organisation.

He completed an MA in Applied Strategy and International Security in 2014 with his thesis on the French Intervention in Mali 2013. His principal research interests are countering terrorism and insurgency, the recent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Global Security. Throughout his military service he has contributed to Royal Navy and Royal Marines journals and books and is the founder of the Royal Marines cerebral study group; a study group that incorporates guest speakers from academia, the Intelligence services and senior Navy leadership in enhancing the education and knowledge of the senior Warrant Officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. He has lectured widely on his role in the Global War on Terror. Recently he delivered several safety and security reports and case studies for The European Bank for Reconstruction and Developments leadership into the nature and safety of their field teams operational roles in Eastern Europe and Caucasus regions. He is a trained Conflict Mediator and Security and Risk adviser.