DCSS Research

Applied research in Security Policy

  • DCSS Policy Briefs (DPBs) – short 2-2500 word commentaries on very contemporary debates/controversies/hot topics. 
  • School of Government Blog

Dialogue Events and Public Outreach

  • Annual International Conference: ‘Britain and the Sea 3: Enriching Britain's Maritime Capabilities’, 11-12 September 2014
  • 'Admirals Forum' – using the expertise, skills and competencies, networks and social capital of retired senior officers in the region to participate in and give guidance to the activities of the Centre.  
  • Public Outreach – public lectures on contemporary maritime affairs as well as history and heritage are an effective way to engage with and inform the wider public.  Programme to be announced.  
  • Greek Programme for Strategic and Maritime Studies (GPSMS).

More information about DCSS research will follow shortly