DCSS - Philip Grove

Our team are located either on the Plymouth campus or at the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

Philip D GroveHead of Maritime Aviation, University of Plymouth, at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

Born and educated in Wales, Philip D Grove has taught Strategic Studies at BRNC since January 1993.

Principal research interests are naval aviation, technology and doctrine, and its impact upon government policy. He has contributed to over ten publications including: The Sea War (with Mark Grove & Alastair Finlan) (Osprey, 2002); The Battle of Midway (Brassey’s, 2004); The Lofoton and Vaagso Raids, in Tristan Lovering ed., A Collected History of Amphibious Operations (Seaforth 2007); Turning the Tide: The Battles of Coral Sea and Midway (University of Plymouth, 2013) and most recently (with Duncan Redford) The Royal Navy: A History Since 1900 (I B Tauris, 2014). Currently he is working on a number of naval air power publications and a further volume for I B Tauris (2016 publication).

Besides teaching at BRNC he has also taught at RNEC Manadon, CTC RM Lympstone and as a visiting lecturer to various Royal Navy establishments, ships and Fleet Air Arm squadrons. From 1996-2013 he also taught at University of Plymouth on modules ranging from Contemporary History to Foreign Policy and Maritime Power. 

He has delivered a number of papers at seminars and conferences, most recently including The Falklands Conflict: Power Projection Lessons 30 Years On, Falklands 30th Anniversary Conference at Portsmouth, National Museum for the Royal Navy (May 2012), Britain on the World Stage: The Lessons of Maritime Power Projection from the Falklands Campaign for Britain in the Twenty-First Century, the Navy and the Nation Conference, Greenwich, National Maritime Museum (July 2013), The Failure of the European Axis Powers to Deploy Operational Aircraft Carriers in the Second World War at the Naval and Maritime Power in Two World Wars Conference, Greenwich Maritime Institute (April 2014), and the Royal Naval Air Service at the Naval Arms Race and the First World War Conference at Portsmouth, National Museum for the Royal Navy (July 2014).

Email address: phil.grove@plymouth.ac.uk