Trevi has operated since 1993. We strive to provide safe and nurturing spaces where women can heal, grow and thrive. We use our experience, our influence and the expertise of those who we support to improve the response to women in recovery. This includes recovery from addiction, ill mental health, criminogenic behaviours and domestic abuse.

The factors assisting a woman’s long-term recovery are early intervention, the ability to keep her children, and access to long term support. Trevi is the only organisation in the UK which provides this unique and holistic offering. This is achieved across our two centres:

Trevi residential rehabilitation unit: With care rated as outstanding by CQC, this service takes referrals from across the UK and can accommodate up to 10 women and their children at any given time. Each mother follows a strict rehabilitation plan which includes daily counselling, relationship analysis, group therapy, medical examinations and check-ups from social services.

Sunflower Women’s Centre: With 40% of women choosing to relocate to Plymouth because they feel safe, our Sunflower Women’s Centre opened in 2016 to provide longer term outreach support.

Trevi works alongside other organisations in the city including:

  • Hamoaze House
  • Harbour
  • Longreach House
  • Plymouth Refuge
  • Nomony Children’s Centre
  • Shekinah 

Our partnership

The University of Plymouth partners with Trevi and other community partners to apply our world-class research expertise and knowledge, and enable much needed student volunteers, in turn adding value to the student experience. To date this has focused upon disciplines such as social work, occupational therapy, early childhood studies and psychology, but is developing in other areas including a ‘Food as a Lifestyle Motivator’ research project with Dr Clare Pettinger.

Supporting our community 

The University's Faculty of Science and Engineering have a 'Faculty Craft Group' which meets on a Tuesday lunchtime. The team has supported Trevi for a number of years by making much needed baby hats, booties, blankets and teddies, mostly for new born babies, as well as making cushion covers, donating books and fundraising.



Faculty Craft<br></p>

Sunflower Women's Centre 

The Sunflower Women's Centre was first opened in 2016 as an outreach project following consultation with ex-Trevi residents. Overtime, the centre has evolved into a fully functioning women’s health and wellbeing hub providing a wrap-around service and wealth of opportunities for those in recovery or seeking recovery. The team subscribes to a trauma-informed whole-system-approach and alongside partners, has grown to offer a blend of therapeutic interventions, accredited programmes, creative based activities, health and wellbeing initiatives and practical support. Dr Clare Pettinger is a member of the Project Steering Group, building on her active engagement with Trevi participants in her 'Food as a Lifestyle Motivator' research project workshops. Her findings were presented as a paper at the 2016 Critical Dietetic Conference in Granada, 'Food Narratives from Women in Recovery (from Alcohol and Substance Abuse)'.

Find out more about this project

<p>Sunflower Women's Centre Trevi House</p>

Internet access enabled for residents 

Thanks to the kindness of XMA who provide innovative IT solutions to the University's Technology and Information Services team, Trevi families are now able to use the internet whilst in residence, using tablets that the company has donated.

<p>Trevi Tablets&nbsp;</p>