Plymouth Ghana Link

The University of Plymouth's partnership with Plymouth Ghana Link opens up a range of opportunities for students and the University to forge links with Ghana. The Plymouth Ghana Link is run by a committee of volunteers committed to raising cultural awareness and understanding and is active in a range of projects including Operation Hernia and brokering links with local schools in Ghana. A 2016 visit by a Delegation from the Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce and Industry highlighted opportunities for collaboration in Marine and Maritime Research and Development and with the Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre to support their oil and gas Industry.

Plymouth Ghana Link makes a real difference by building:

  • greater awareness of global and development issues
  • valuable learning opportunities at cultural, social and practical levels, for students, educators and healthcare workers
  • curriculum development in schools
  • leadership skills for young people

The Plymouth Ghana Link also supports student exchanges to and from Ghana.

Visit by Erica Kyere from Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative in Ghana

We were delighted that Erica Kyere was able to visit Plymouth during FairTrade Fortnight and International Women's week.

Erica completed a presentation on Women's role in enterprise in Ghana which she delivered to students at University of Plymouth - truly inspirational!

Erica and Ed


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