Effervescent is an award-winning creative engagement lab based in Plymouth, established in 2004.

They research how high-quality art and cultural activity can catalyse lasting positive social change in people, places and services, finding out how much of a change can be created; and what factors, methods or new knowledge can make these changes bigger, better, faster or stronger.

It is only natural therefore that the University of Plymouth is working in collaboration with Effervescent to enhance our student experience and academic endeavour, through teaching and research.

Professor David Coslett in conversation with Effervescent 

Professor David Coslett from the University of Plymouth in conversation with Effervescent's Creative Director Eloise Malone about the future of creative collaboration and co-production in Plymouth and with the University. 

What is Effervescent?

Effervescent works with groups of children and young people with lived experience in trauma or disadvantages such as sexual exploitation, psychosis, domestic violence and addiction. The team trains these groups as artists, designers, cultural commentators and curators so that they can use their new skills to say what needs to be said in a way that key audiences can best hear it and respond to it. 

Effervescent places emphasis on creating a change that is 'hardwired' in, and remains long after the project has ended, with a lasting impact on well-being, education, aspiration and resilience for the children and young people involved.

Effervescent are world leaders in this collaborative creative impact-led practice, sometimes referred to as 'socially-engaged art' which will often lead to film, social marketing campaigns, art gallery exhibitions, theatre performance, or visual/sound art works. Effervescent's aim is to create cultural events and products which stop people in their tracks and provoke them to act differently.


Radiant is a creative arts space that generates extraordinary art, science, and social stuff, hosting an electric curatorial programme. 

The shows created here are about things that our collaborative curators find truthful and important to them – whether that's a young carer discussing the monsters which haunt them; to young people talking about the disappointment in trying really hard to get what you want, only to discover it's not what you thought it would be.

<p>Radiant Gallery</p>
<p>Aby Cartwright, performing arts student (Christmas Grotto 2016)</p>

Radiant Christmas Grotto

Throughout December 2016, visitors to the city's popular Radiant Christmas Grotto were able to meet the mystical Snow White Hart, frozen in time and waiting to be rescued. 

This role was performed beautifully by Performing Arts student Aby Cartwright who is studying at the University of Plymouth.