Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth (DSRTP)

Volunteer to act as a journalist during real search and rescue missions, or as a casualty during training exercises. Explore collaborative research opportunities, or train to save a life by becoming a fully badged search and rescue worker. 

There's lots of opportunities to get involved and explore with Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth (DSRTP).

Student experience

Want to find out more about the DSRTP? Join them at one of their training sessions, held on Dartmoor every Tuesday evening, to discover more about what they do.

Writers from the Students’ Union magazine, The Knowledge, have also benefited from these training sessions, learning about the regular challenges and conditions the team are up against when they answer a call-out, as well as how they prepare.

“It was great how everyone got involved and how at ease and comfortable everybody was together. The training session that we went along to allowed members practising their skills on a stretcher exercise. We were asked to take part and enjoyed a nice trip up and down a hill whilst being strapped to the three different types of stretchers. We were treated as if we were a proper casualty and all of the members of the team took it very seriously, so that if they ever needed to put this exercise into action they would be more than ready.”
Kathryn Goddard, Ciara Daly and Simon Stone - Reporters on The Knowledge

If you're a University of Plymouth student, you can act as casualties for the DSRTP night-time training exercises. Experience Dartmoor in different conditions, see the team working and gain valuable skills.

Walk with us

DSRTP relies almost entirely on fundraising activities to provide 24-hour search and rescue on Dartmoor. Each year the team organises challenging walks on the beautiful Dartmoor and invites you to join them.

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Moor to Sea without the Car

Come on in and get your copy of this unique walking guide, created by our talented students, from any one of our on-campus cafés

The book contains 11 walks that range from an afternoon stroll to a challenging hike, which can be sustainably reached by public transport.

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'Moor to Sea without the Car' book cover. Illustration by Lucy Pulleybank

Case study - Nolan Smyth

From a young age BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy graduate, Nolan Smyth, has enjoyed family walks across moorland on Dartmoor and Snowdonia. These experiences inspired him to take on the Duke of Edinburgh Award during his years at school.

Determined to take his passion to the next level, Nolan joined the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team training programme.

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Nolan Smyth, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy graduate